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Restoration & Installation

At Parsiena Design, we understand that sometimes you want to stick to what you like best. Help us transform your space while maintaining its unique characteristics and style with our tailored Moulding Matching Service. Whether you are renovating, extending, or restoring, trust our expertise in seamlessly replicating your existing mouldings. We are here to help with all your moulding needs, from installing new elements that match your existing designs to repairing or replacing small sections.

As a committed manufacturer, we create precise plaster-based replicas that are identical to your existing pieces, whether crown mouldings or other ornamental trims. Crown mouldings, originating from the late Renaissance period, offer a smooth yet decorative transition between the wall and ceiling, adding a touch of elegance and flair to your space. Their designs can range from simple to extraordinarily ornate and detailed.

When adding or repairing such elements, it can be challenging to find matching pieces off the shelf. That's where our custom design work shines, ensuring your new or repaired mouldings echo the original design, texture, and intricacy. It's not merely about continuity; it's about preserving your home's narrative, architectural integrity, and charm, even as it evolves and grows. With our Moulding Matching Service, experience the harmony of consistent design crafted to perfection.

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